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Case Study

A software company’s digital presence gets streamlined

The problem

It started with a classic dilemma

Expero, an Austin, TX based software consulting company, was in a situation faced by many service businesses: With all their internal resources tapped for client-facing work, their website was not the clean, organized experience they needed it to be. Add in an unclear social content strategy and they were ready for a deep digital marketing overhaul. We gladly stepped in.

The opportunity

We uncovered 3 key challenges

As we dug into the Expero website, we found 3 big issues to solve:


Inconsistent coding and design

The intricate Expero site had changed developer hands (and techniques) many times over the years—creating a mess of nearly 5,000 CSS classes. The look also varied from page to page, with older iterations of the design language hanging around. All this not only impacted efficient work on the back end, but also the user experience on the front end.


Impossible-to-find information 

The existing web tools and site structure prevented customers from finding the content they needed on the Expero site. Different resource types were scattered amongst different collection lists, which made it difficult to organize them so customers could easily find what they were looking for. Live search-and-sort was impossible, which will cause even the most patient web user to bounce.


Great sales content going unseen

Expero had created excellent content for lead generation, but simply weren’t getting enough eyeballs on it. They needed a strategy to activate their social media channels for more engagement on their webinars and thought leadership.

The opportunity

How we turned it all around

After understanding their need for enhanced web functionality and content engagement, we were able to help Expero turn their challenges into wins.

Cleaning up the UI and every bit of code

We learned exactly how the original creators structured the site, studied the updates implemented over the years, cleaned up the code, and created a common class-naming system for quick site load and greater consistency.

Making content discoverable with search and sort

To ensure Expero’s site visitors could find what they’re looking for, we developed an easy-to-use resource gallery. This meant not simply building the search tool, but first bringing all the scattered data together, organizing it, and fixing the many mismatched template pages. It seemed like an impossible feat at the time, but it turned out beautifully. Check out Expero’s Resource Center.

Boosting engagement on social media

Expero knew that if they could catch a prospect’s attention, they could convert them with what they had to offer. (Their custom software is that good). Leveraging LinkedIn, we developed a strategic content plan to help drive more traffic to the resources they were already cranking out. 

The results

Digital success from the inside out

  • A cleaner and easier to use back end 
  • A more inviting and user-friendly front end
  • Increased clickthrough and search ranking for resources 
  • 24% increase in follower count on social channels
  • Higher engagement on social posts

The project was such a success, Expero and hmpsn studio are still partners today—continuing to drive new business leads and making sure the website stays in tip-top shape.

pages rebuilt
CSS classes removed
resources organized
increase in Linkedin followers
Mission complete

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