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Case Study

Making lending easy for a small business financier

The problem

Ready to give out cash fast—but they needed a solid tech solution

Fundr is a next-generation financing/loan company that helps small businesses get the cash they need through a quick and easy financing process. Before they could live up to their promise, they needed a user-friendly website and a custom tech solution that would help them rapidly assess loan applicants and manage their mountains of incoming data. We were up to the challenge.

The opportunity

We found 4 key areas for investment

As we dove into working with Fundr, we identified 4 critical points to get the cash flowing:


Guiding multiple audiences on their website

Fundr collaborates with two very different audiences—the small businesses they lend to and the independent sales organizations they partner with. The website would need to appeal and sell to both to unlock meaningful growth.


Making client asset verification easy and secure

As a lender, Fundr needed to take a close look at each applicant’s financial information. How could they make it easy for small businesses to safely grant access to this data through their website? This would require a bespoke approach.


Customization of client asset reports

A typical financial asset report gives you a ton of information, not necessarily well organized (nor very pretty). Fundr wanted the reports to be efficiently structured and easy to understand—with the most important information at the top—to make reviews faster for their team.


Dealing with a BOATLOAD of client data

To verify each applicant’s assets, Fundr needed to see 365 days’ worth of the client’s bank account data. That’s a LOT of financial transactions. We needed a way to segment all that data so the system wouldn’t get overloaded and crash during the process.

The opportunity

How we got them up and funding

We built Fundr their first-ever website and a custom-built web application to handle their clients’ sensitive data with speed and care.

Building a thoughtful new website

We developed a brand new site for Fundr, where their mission is clear and upfront. Small businesses can instantly see how Fundr can help them, find answers to questions, and initiate their loan application immediately. Partner companies also got their own dedicated page with a separate contact form to make teaming up simple.

Adding a smooth client asset verification integration

We made it simple and safe for Fundr’s prospective clients to give the company access to their financial account info. We developed a secure web app that integrates with industry-leading platform, Plaid, to connect to applicants’ accounts. From there, we created a simple interface that lets applicants permit access to Plaid right within the app.

Making client asset reports easier to digest

The asset reports being churned out by the Plaid integration had all the right info, but it was difficult to decode and understand. We solved this problem by building a custom asset report template for Fundr. It pulls in all the loan applicant’s data and presents it in a much more organized and readable way, making it way easier for the team to process and make decisions. The reports are auto-emailed to the underwriting team so they can access the reports as soon as they’re available.

Organizing endless data into a clean dashboard

365 days’ worth of financial transaction data coming in hot for every loan applicant?! At first, the system couldn’t handle it. We stepped in to create new data filters to organize the data into manageable chunks, preventing system overload. We also created a dashboard for the Fundr team, allowing them to easily find clients, view their financials, and download or regenerate reports.

The results

The cash is flowing like clockwork

Our work with Fundr helped ensure their launch into business was both smooth and successful. All of our efforts to create a clean user experience and efficient back-end systems have paid off for the company in many ways. We’re thrilled to have been—and continue to be—part of their story.

client accounts verified
funding dispensed
partnership leads generated
Fraud prevented
The hmpsn studio team is a pleasure to work with. Their responsiveness and technical knowledge allowed us to quickly build an app from the ground up.
Gerbian King
Mission complete

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