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Goodshuffle Pro's Website Wishlist: Because Event Rental Businesses Could All Use a Little Help

Goodshuffle Pro's Website Wishlist: Because Event Rental Businesses Could All Use a Little Help

When I first started my business, I knew the first steps on the roadmap I’d eventually take. I had the vision, I had the concept, but I couldn’t imagine how truly unique and fulfilling the end product would become.

I knew I was diving headfirst into web design and development, but I had no idea the growth and direction that the company would take in such a short amount of time. My partnership with the Job Portraits team is a huge representation of that process.

We connected initially with their need for a web developer, which led to business strategy creation, and then turnkey project and account management. The result? Consistent business for both of us.

Let me explain.

Where the project started

First, a little about Job Portraits.

Essentially, Job Portraits helps tech companies find and attract the right talent. They help candidates understand what it’s truly like to work at a company and verbalize that culture through well-crafted copy and content.

They’ve been effectively creating Employer Branding content since 2014, but it was time to level up.

Early in 2020, Job Portraits successfully sold four career micro-sites, all to tech companies. The concept was to integrate their proven written content with a reliable, user-friendly career site that attracted qualified applicants, simplified the application process, and created an ease of use for HR Managers on the back end.

Simple, right?

The kicker was, Job Portraits had sold a product but needed a partner to bring it to life. They knew their vision. They knew their concept. What they needed was execution.

That’s where I stepped in.

The Goodshuffle Partnership

Hmpsn. places a high value on our business partnerships, which is why our relationship with Goodshuffle Pro works.

Goodshuffle Pro exists to help event businesses save time and money. Their customers ultimately book more business through their reliable and easy-to-use software.

While Goodshuffle Pro’s products are great, their people are the real star of the show.

They’re approachable and enigmatic; Professional while still being fun; Direct while still being good-natured. They get the job done, and they make the process easy.

A lot like my team.

So when Goodshuffle Pro approached us about being a preferred provider for their Website Wishlist Integration, it was a no-brainer.

They provide the Wishlist Integration & full business software; we take care of the rest. Our solutions-focused process means we can take you from nothing to a fully built Event Rental Website in 45 days.

Sounds good, Josh. But what is Goodshuffle exactly?

If you’re an event rental business that’s not currently using Goodshuffle Pro, now’s the time.

Goodshuffle Pro software helps you track your sales, visualize your sales pipeline, and allow your customers to build beautifully customized digital quotes and proposals. It provides business solutions like automated billing, custom reports, and digital pull sheets to help your business operate more efficiently.

Plus, the inventory management system featured in the software is flawless. No more toggling through tabs to endlessly update your inventory. No more double booking. You get fully supported software along with ROI reports, utilization rates, and many other high-value metrics.

And now with the Website Wishlist Integration, that inventory is easily accessible on your website-- Talk about making it easy for customers to book with you!

Ok, Josh. You have my attention. Tell me more. Why do I need the Website Wishlist Integration?

I’m glad you asked.

Let me ask you - do you like saving time and making more money? Yeah, me too.

The Website Wishlist Integration utilizes the Goodshuffle Pro inventory manager to automatically upload your items on your website. Your rental inventory will populate on your website where potential customers can review your selections, check off their favorites, and it’s all sent to you in one, comprehensive proposal.

Let’s break it down.

Website: It’s fully hosted on your website. No redirects. No client logins.

Website Wishlist: Beautiful template options showcasing your items. Create “Get the Look” posts that feature your unique items and inspire your clients with ideas.

Integration: Did I mention seamless? Add, remove or change your event rental inventory in Goodshuffle Pro and it will automatically update on your website via the Website Wishlist Integration.

With the Website Wishlist Integration, your client builds their own proposal. They create their rental dream list and send it directly to you, with their event date and information all ready to go.

The best part? The Website Wishlist Integration has a 75% close rate.

Potential customers want transparency. Pricing, package options, and information. They want to find it all on your website while watching Netflix in bed-- That’s how the best events are planned, right?

But Josh, I want to talk to the clients. I need a chance to upsell and suggest fresh ideas.

Yes, you do-- and you should. This is exactly why clients aren’t given a full quote.

They’ll get an email notification that their Wishlist has been submitted, and you’ll receive the project fully created in Goodshuffle Pro with the items they’re interested in, event date, contact information and any additional notes they’re added.

You take it from there. Whether through a phone call or an email, you’ll get the chance to discuss their event and show them additional options or ideas as needed. You’ll have their wishlist pre-loaded and can simply make any necessary changes and send back a full, detailed quote. If no tweaks are needed, just send it right back to the client for approval.

Again, we know the industry. We’ve been on the other end of that phone call while a client is trying to figure out pricing and asking questions about availability. It’s time-consuming-- For both of you.

Proposals take time. Goodshuffle Pro’s Website Wishlist Integration makes that easy.

But do I have to have a new website?

Not at all! If you’re already using Webflow for your website, we can handle the integration with our Website Wishlist Integration Package. If you’re using another platform, we can easily migrate your current content to Webflow.

Still, if you’ve been thinking about a website refresh, we can create a customized, beautifully designed website in Webflow along with the integration.

Note: Goodshuffle Pro does have other preferred partners happy to build their integration on another platform! However, if you want to take advantage of my event background and expertise, I’ll dive into why I use Webflow below.

Why Webflow?

Because business owners like to be in control of their destiny. That desire for control isn’t a bad thing. Rather, it gives your company a unique image and voice, and it keeps your standards intact.

We like Webflow because it gives you control of your website. We’ll not only create a beautifully designed and highly functional website-- we’ll give you the tools to make changes when you need to. It’s as easy as editing a Google doc.

Like Wix and Squarespace, Webflow is a no-code, minimal experience needed tool. But unlike these software tools, Webflow gives you flexibility.

Platforms like Wix are fine for getting a basic website up and running. They help business owners get the job done when a simple website is needed. However, they have serious limitations. Not only in design, but in your ability to optimize your website for SEO.

hmpsn. knows SEO. Each one of our Goodshuffle integration packages includes basic SEO and analytics, and our premium packages add advanced SEO and ongoing content creation.

Because really, it’s not enough to be online. You have to be found.

Sounds good. So tell me - why should I work with you?

Our team brings to the table not only technical expertise and website design creativity but authentic event industry experience. My team and I have been where you are. Creating great experiences. Taking care of clients. And working to convert those leads.

Event industry people are problem-solvers. We think and live outside the box. We run 90 miles an hour with 23 projects in the works fueled by coffee, creativity, and drive. We find quick solutions to a myriad of challenges and are always ready for more.

Imagine partnering with a web developer that thinks and operates exactly that same way. That’s what you get when you work with us.

Ready to take your event rental business to the next level? Drop some time on my calendar for a 30 Minute Goodshuffle Pro Website Wishlist Strategy Session.

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