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About us

Launching online experiences that people love to use

What gets us up in the morning? Honestly, helping others succeed. While most studios simply clock in and clock out to get the job done, we deliver a comprehensive project experience that’s customized to meet your needs and exceed your highest expectations. Our methods are groundbreaking and a little unorthodox. 

Yes, we know the behind-the-scenes of development, but unlike other studios, we work alongside you to optimize your web experience and business tactics with strategic consulting. The combination of our creative work and business coaching will transform your online presence to grow and scale your business.

Meet our founder

Josh Hampson

Based in Austin, Texas, our founder, Josh Hampson, created hmpsn studio using his skills as a web designer and project manager with a heart for seeing others succeed. This foundational idea is still at the core of who we are. Outside of the rocket ship, Josh is a sweat enthusiast and pug dad who spends his off-time traveling and attending concerts.

At the end of the day, our mission is simple. We exist to do bad ass work for our clients.
Our creative process

We’ve got it down to a science


Understanding who you are and what makes you different is the first step on our journey together. Your business’ needs — and dreams — are important to us. We’ll deep dive into the ins and outs of your industry and your competitors, immersing ourselves in your world will help us guide you in what’s to come.


From what we discover, we’ll create a personalized web strategy that fits your brand. We’ll set specific and measurable targets relevant to achieving your goals, mapping out a clear timeline that accounts for all web deliverables with built-in strategic consulting.


Now, for a little sparkle ✨ — some cosmic dust, if you will. We’ll make your brand aesthetic seamless and memorable across all platforms, and we’ll figure out what experience works best for your company. Web, social media, project management — we do it all.


Exceptional project management is a critical component of our work. We keep you in the loop with consistent status updates, making sure you’re in the know every step of the way. We may screen share to get your opinion on a cool new design or send you a link to test out a dynamic new tool. And we’ll definitely get your final sign-off on what works best for you or your clients. We’re big on clear communication and believe this strength is why we get it right.


Testing, 1-2-3… In this phase, we make sure your website is airtight so that everything looks and functions as intended and, most importantly, maximizes mission success! We’ve done the calculations. We’re doing a final status check. The rocket is on the launch pad, and now we’re almost done fueling for our trip across the galaxy. Prepare for the final countdown.


T-minus 10 seconds. Buckle up as we get ready to launch your project. Current and new clients will be thrilled with the big reveal of your latest endeavors. Your business is now more creative, uncomplicated, and profitable. You’ll get to experience the satisfaction of seeing all the time, investment, and hard work pay off as we unveil the latest and greatest for the world to see.  And, as we track success post-launch, we’ll have the behind-the-scenes analytics for only your eyes to see! Your investment in yourself and your company will now be out of this world.

Our mission

We are a design and development studio that empowers you show up as your best self by boosting your scale, efficiency and profitability — allowing you to exceed your customers’ highest expectations.

Our values

We are...

Humble + genuine

We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with brands we care about on projects that inspire us.

Candid + transparent

Our clients should never have to second-guess that we are in their corner.

Excited + impactful

We care. A lot. We tackle projects big and small, sexy and ordinary, with equal enthusiasm.

Proficient + precise

We give the very best to our clients. This means white-glove service, through and through.