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Case Study

Helping an employer branding agency level up their output (and income)

The problem

With every client, this agency was hitting a wall

Our client, a successful employer branding agency serving high-growth tech companies, had a dilemma: After completing strategic projects for clients, how could they keep the relationship (and revenue) going? They needed an engine to help drive additional income *and* help them win more new business. We lent our tech and business chops to help solve it all.

The opportunity

We found 3 ways to break the barriers

In considering the agency’s problem to be solved, we identified 3 gateways to success:


Leverage the web to create a new offering for their clients

As an employer branding agency, our client had an untapped opportunity to create and influence online touchpoints for job seekers. We believed that building an offering around digital deliverables could unlock a goldmine of new revenue streams.


Develop an efficient process for the new client service

It wouldn’t serve the agency if this new offering was tedious and messy. We needed to create a scalable process for wireframing, design, and development that would be seamless for both the agency and their clients.


Exceed end user expectations online

It wasn’t hard to see that the typical journey of a job seeker had plenty of room for improvement. We realized we could set a higher standard for candidate touchpoints, creating a slick final product that would impress users and attract new business at the same time.

The opportunity

How we helped this agency take off

We gave our employer branding agency client the strategy and tools to take their offering to a more profitable level.

Giving them a new digital service: career microsites

Our big idea to help the agency drive greater lifetime value for each client was a new offering: custom, career-focused microsites. Where the agency once stopped at strategy and content writing for clients, now they could extend each project into more deliverables and revenue. We gave them the skills and a templatized system to design and develop each microsite with efficiency and polish.

Adding smart, brand-building content clients loved

The microsites were intentionally designed to be a flexible, customizable playground for clients. Each one had the option to incorporate relevant blog posts, employee videos, event image galleries…you name it. The microsites were not only a brand-boosting, talent-attracting deliverable for agency clients, they made great show pieces to woo new business.

Building a searchable (and scalable) job board solution

We also gave the agency a way to offer a slick piece of technology to their employer branding clients: a real-time job board, embedded in each career microsite. This allowed the agency’s high-growth clients to have their latest open roles flow into their microsites on autopilot, while also giving their prospective applicants a seamless experience. We also designed job description pages to be inviting and dynamic, featuring quotes from relevant team members.

Another repeatable, revenue-driving deliverable for the win.

Adding multiple built-in opportunities for additional revenue

The beauty of the microsites was that they also opened doors to even more work for the agency. The deliverable provided several natural opportunities for add-on sales in the form of blog post writing, employee photo shoots, additional web pages, and more. Once a website gets underway…you never know where it might go. 

The results

The agency broke free and made bank

With our robust yet efficient new client service offering, the agency’s walls finally came down. This work sent them on a tear of high revenue and new business wins that saved them from stagnation. Digital services and systems prove their worth, once again.

microsites built to date
revenue generated
add-on services created
streamlined process
hmpsn studio brought an entire skillset to our company that allowed us to develop new offerings for our clients. Josh has been an incredible thought partner at Job Portraits. I have total confidence that whatever I put in front of them will be successful.
Jacqui Gibson-Clark
Mission complete

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